We are obsessed with you and with all this too ...

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Estamos obsesionados contigo y con todo esto también...

Welcome to living louré, discover our pillars, which will be the main topics of conversation that we will address here:



We hate to insist, but seriously, you won't believe everything that's lurking in your bathroom bottles. The personal care industry is invaded by ingredients and practices that are bad for the planet and for us, and your favorite products could have some pretty scary side effects, starting with your skin. Many brands worry only in the short term, regardless of the cost that they may bring you later.

We are here for both the short and long term, and we are not lying when it comes to finding ingredients that are not harmful to the environment or to you in the future. Think about it: the skin is the largest organ, so the foam that touches it and everything we smear on it can reach other systems in our body.

Love the skin you are in, it is yours for life.



Our body is a temple: in the same way that we treat ourselves and Mother Nature, we should treat our bodies with love and respect. Humans are living longer than ever, thanks to constant advances in medicine and groundbreaking research around things like superfoods and disease prevention.

We're here as a resource, to summarize the science in real-life advice, and to show you practices to improve your physical health, through tips on fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle that will inspire self-esteem and self-care.



We only have one body, and it deserves the best.



We believe in finding joy every day and in every possible way. Mental and emotional well-being is critical to happiness, and life is too short for anything less. Recent research shows spikes in stress-related disorders around the world, but it doesn't have to be.

Simple life hacks, like practicing meditation and fostering balanced relationships, can trigger feelings of happiness, contentment, and self-worth.

We want you to love yourself and we are here to show you how.


In summary…

We make up to 30,000 choices every day: from the shoes we wear to the time we go to sleep. There are 30,000 daily opportunities to create moments of joy for yourself, mentally, emotionally and physically. Every little decision you make can have a big impact on your day to day and your mood.

Make positive decisions and become the owner of your destiny, with us as your guide.

Life is too short to live by half.