Your look and the eye contour to take care of it

When we talk about skin care, it is very common that we forget to give special care to our eyes, or that we simply only pay attention when we need to eliminate bags and swelling because we have some important event (we have all been guilty of this ), but it is important that you know that you must always give it unique care, and today we want to tell you why.

Did you know that the skin around your eyes is the thinnest part of the face? Well yes, it is an area in which the skin becomes up to 10 times thinner than any part of the face and it is even an area that is in constant movement for the blinking of the eyes (we blink an average of 20,000 times a day!) and facial expressions, so treating it with a facial cream is not enough, since it is an area that has its own problems (dehydration, expression lines, dark circles , bags, and more) and thus must take its own special care.

In order for you to choose a good eye contour area, you must know your needs and objectives, as there are many creams and gels focused on giving that area different benefits, such as reducing expression lines, eliminate puffiness and dark circles, wake up the look, etc. You must know what you want to do with your look and what you will do to take care of it.

After choosing the ideal eye cream for you based on your concerns and goals, you should take into account the following points to give that special care to your eyes.

1.- Make sure you have thoroughly cleaned and removed make-up from the area before applying it.

The last thing we want is to affect this delicate area by not cleaning it and smearing dirt, so clean your face and eyes well.

2.- Give love to the area through gentle massages

Remember that as this area is a very sensitive area, it is important that we treat it delicately, so apply your eye contour cream with your ring fingers, as they are the weakest and will make sure to give the necessary pressure to the area, gently massage from the inside out to stimulate the area and allow the cream to be absorbed.

3.- Don't forget to give love to your eyelids too!

The eye contour is not only dark circles and bags, it is also your eyelids and the upper part of your eyebrows that are in constant movement and that also need to be cared for and hydrated.

4.- Use the perfect amount.

When you are about to take care of your look, make sure to use the right amount of cream to treat the area. Ideally, use about the size of a pea, no more.

5.- Protect your eyes from the sun!

Never forget to apply your sunscreen to this area as well as to the rest of your face. We have already repeated many times how thin and sensitive it is, so (please!) never forget to spread your sunscreen on the contour of your eyes, this area is usually the one that reddens first from sun damage.

6.- Add a little bit of spice!

The cold can enhance the effect of your eye contour creams, as it exerts a vasoconstrictor action (contracts muscle fibers) in the area and will help you treat puffiness and dark circles. That is why many dermatologists recommend going one step further and storing your creams in the fridge before applying them to enhance their effects and keep them longer.

7.- Let your gaze speak for you.

When you give your skin special care, it shows, and the same will happen with your eyes.By giving it a unique care to treat the needs of your eye contour, you will be able to notice a difference that will make your eyes look healthy, radiant and awake

You already have the 101 to give your look unique care. There are no more excuses to seek the best care for your skin and have that radiant look you've always wanted.


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Taking care of our skin is a smart decision.

Paul Estes