Thermus Thermophillus, our star ingredient of Mexican origin

Discover Thermus Thermophillus: the new best friend for your skin.

Haven't you heard of him? The truth does not surprise us.

Well, it is an incredible marine enzyme that lives in the depths of the Gulf of Mexico (specifically, in the Guaymas Basin, Sonora).

This enzyme manages to survive despite the extreme conditions it inhabits (high pressure, elevated temperatures, limited oxygen, absence of light, and a toxic environment of free radicals).

What's your secret?

It has an incredible ability to constantly create defense molecules to combat these fear conditions.

Now we come to your skin.

Unlike this enzyme, our environment is a little less harsh, but every day, your skin is exposed to a number of factors that can cause damage, from free radicals to dehydration to irritating pollutants.

Using the defensive powers of Thermus Thermophillus, its enzymatic extract, strengthens your skin's barriers against external threats. From stimulating skin cell growth to help rebuild dermal layers, to combating harmful UV rays and free radicals that cause inflammation, dehydration and wrinkles.

The benefits of Thermus Thermophillus are very good, in addition, it is of Mexican origin and we obtain it through biotechnology, so we preserve our ecosystem. Think of skin that is smoother, more luminous and better protected against pollution, sun and irritation.

We are fans of the Thermus Thermophillus, which is why you will find it in each and every one of our products.

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Taking care of our skin is a smart decision.

Paul Estes