Biotechnology and how we apply it to your skin care

What is biotechnology?

Biotechnology is a scientific technique with which we maximize the benefits of an ingredient through the replication of its DNA. This means that we maximize all the benefits that an ingredient can provide for the skin to bring more and better benefits to your skin, and in greater intensity.

This is how at Louré we go beyond nature, because the active ingredients that you will find in our products are not going to be in their regular version, but rather their properties have been maximized by 10, 20 and, in some cases, up to 30 times.

Thus, through the perfect combination of nature and science, we intend and want to be intelligent care for your skin.

An example of the biotechnology applied in our formulas can be found in Thermus Thermophillus Ferment, our star active ingredient. It is a marine enzyme native to the Guaymas basin in Sonora (Yes, in Mexico!) and thanks to its multiple and powerful properties, it manages to survive very hostile ecosystems such as extreme temperatures and toxic environments. These properties that this enzyme carries by nature, we not only take to care for your skin, but also maximize its properties through biotechnology in order to multiply its benefits and achieve more and better results on your skin in less time.

Incredible, right?

This is why you will find Thermus Thermophillus Ferment in all our products, as it is an incredible ingredient for the skin, and its main benefits include intense and long-lasting hydration, protection of your skin from free radicals and infrared rays, and combats and prevents photoaging.

For us, it is very important to let you know that not everything natural is good and not everything synthetic is bad for your skin, it is rather about identifying what truly represents a benefit for your skin and focus exclusively on it, leaving aside what can hurt your skin's skin barrier.

Think smart, think Louré.

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Taking care of our skin is a smart decision.

Paul Estes