Discovering myths and realities of skincare

Today there is a lot of information about skin care. We find it in magazines, blogs, internet pages, books and, recently, on social networks where beauty bloggers and influencers teach us their favorite products, routines and tips to take care of our skin. .

This information that we have found, on many occasions has made us victims of bad experiences with skin care with the promise of leaving us with "perfect" skin and we end up trying remedies that do not provide any benefit. Has it happened to you?

Between that and other things, the information we find on the internet about skin care is often, nothing more and nothing less, than myths that end up hurting our skin or that simply do not provide a real benefit. That's why today we want to save you time and bad experiences by revealing some myths and facts about skin care.

Ready to find out whether or not you have been a victim of these beliefs?

#1: If it burns, it's taking effect.

This is a resounding no! A skin care product should never cause burning, irritation, itching or any other discomfort. If a product is giving you a hard time, you should not continue using it, that is why you must be very attentive to how your skin reacts when you start to integrate a new product into your routine and, above all, know the formulation of the products that you use. you use to avoid irritations or allergies.

#2: Rose water is good for the skin.

This is a reality. Rose water has incredible anti-inflammatory and soothing properties for the skin, apart from providing luminosity and hydration. That is why at Louré we use this ingredient in some of our formulas (especially micellar water) instead of water to enrich them with its benefits and not use filler ingredients.

#3: Once you find your skin routine, you don't have to change it.

This is false. Your skin is constantly changing, age, climate change, if we go through stress or hormonal situations, that is why it is essential that you always be aware of what your skin needs so that you can adapt your skin care based on your needs over time.

#4 Diet influences skin health.

Of course! The healthier your diet, the healthier your skin will be. That is why it is important not to abuse processed or high-fat foods, as they tend to increase the production of sebum and blemishes on the skin. On the other hand, there are very healthy foods that can bring specific benefits to your skin, for example on our website, under each of our products, we list some results-maximizing foods so that you notice better results on your skin when combining your routine with a healthy diet. Did you already know this?

#5 You need a 10-step routine to make your skincare work.

False! One of our mottos is that less is more, because giving your skin what it needs does not mean using 10 different products, that is why it is essential that you know the needs of your skin and the benefits of each of them. the products you use, as this will help you nourish your skin and notice real changes in it. There's no point in having an 8- or 10-step facial routine if you're not giving your skin what it needs.

#6 Natural products are better.

Definitely not. In recent years, the use of “100% natural” products has become a trend, but not all the ingredients used to create the formulas, even if they are natural, are not safe for the skin.We believe that not everything natural is good, nor everything that comes from science is bad, that is why we seek the perfect combination of both worlds to create the best formulas and through biotechnology we maximize benefits of certain ingredients to enhance the results on your skin (wink, wink)

As well as these myths, there are many more that, in some cases, have tricked us into trying countless remedies or beliefs to achieve what the industry likes to call “perfect skin.”

Remember that your skin is already perfect as it is, but it can always improve with special care. That is why it is important that you know the needs of your skin, the products and formulations you use and, above all, have a reliable source of information so that your skin does not go through bad times and can receive the care it deserves.


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Taking care of our skin is a smart decision.

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