when less is more

In recent years, Korean-style skin care has become a trend, with an extensive routine in which you go through 10 steps in the morning and at night to take care of your skin, however, for us that is not means optimal care, because we could be “suffocating” our skin with so many products.

So much information and misleading advertising has made us believe that the more products/treatments we apply, the healthier our skin will be. That is why today we want to tell you why for us less is more when we talk about skin care and why this minimalist way of caring for your skin could be your new ally. .

The first thing you should know is that before looking at your routine, look at the quality of the products you use every day, because that's where skin care really begins. By simplifying your routine, you can focus on the nutrients in each product and the benefits they will bring you to give your skin complete and safe care.

A routine that suffocates your skin can trigger problems such as pore obstruction, generate whiteheads known as milium or develop severe acne problems, that is why you must pay great importance to what you apply.

To keep your skin healthy there are elements that should never be lacking, give your skin a deep and gentle cleansing, keep it hydrated and protect it from external agents (such as the sun and other pollutants), as these factors are essential to maintain your radiant and healthy skin, and focusing on obtaining this from your products will be the beginning of giving it optimal and, above all, intelligent care.

This trend of minimalist care has made its way into skin care because it invites us to be more aware of what we use, to investigate active ingredients, brands, products and more, seeking to obtain what is necessary from our routine: in the morning cleanse, moisturize and protect, and at night cleanse, moisturize and treat or repair.

Furthermore, minimizing your facial routine can bring you excellent benefits, including not being too lazy to do your routine when you wake up and before going to sleep, because consistency is a fundamental factor in being able to notice visible changes in your skin.

Take care of your skin the smart way.

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Taking care of our skin is a smart decision.

Paul Estes