3 basic steps to take care of your skin

Caring for your skin is not and should not be something complicated. It is much more important that you are consistent with a basic routine than to opt for a complex routine (which we probably won't be consistent with).

As it happens in life, it is the small actions that we carry out every day that mark our future, and not those that we carry out only occasionally.

And for the care of your skin, here we present 3 basic steps that your skin and time will thank you for follow every day.

Step 1: Never skip facial cleansing!

It is useless to apply a product on dirty skin (it is even counterproductive and can bring more problems than benefits) . This step is undoubtedly one of the most important and one that you cannot skip, since a large part of skin problems originate from a lack of cleanliness.

When we don't cleanse our skin, dirt accumulates which impedes the skin's natural breathing (this is when the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and breakouts accelerates).

Make sure to cleanse your skin every day morning and night with a facial cleanser that is gentle on your skin, but really deep cleanses.

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Step 2: Hydration, hydration and more hydration!

We won't get tired of telling you how important it is to hydrate your skin, because it is not only the secret for your skin to look healthy and luminous, but also to maintain a youthful and radiant appearance for much longer.

There are various ways to hydrate your skin, however we recommend using a facial cream that, in addition to hydration, provides other benefits such as protection against pollution and anti-aging.

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Step 3: Block the Sun!

Did you know that sun damage is responsible for 75% to 80% of premature skin aging?

Although the sun has very positive effects on our health and is a great source of vitamin D, it is unfortunately very harmful for our skin, since the damage it can cause if we do not protect our skin ranges from the appearance of stains to develop skin cancer.

So it is imperative that you protect your skin from the sun every day using a high protection sunscreen (ideally SPF 50).

Hard? I don't think so!

That's the 1, 2, 3 you need to follow every day in the morning and at night (you don't need sunscreen here, so at night it's only 2!).

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Taking care of our skin is a smart decision.

Paul Estes